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Toyama, K. S., Mahler, D. L., Goodman, R. M. 2023. Climate shapes patterns of sexual size and shape dimorphism across the native range of the green anole lizard, Anolis carolinensis (Squamata: Dactyloidae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 138: 89-102. PDF of author’s copy.

Revell, L.J., Toyama, K.S., and Mahler, D.L. 2022. A simple hierarchical model for heterogeneity in the evolutionary correlation in a phylogenetic tree. PeerJ 10: e13910. PDF of author’s copy.

Toyama, K.S., and Boccia, C.K. 2022. Bergmann’s rule in Microlophus lizards: testing for latitudinal and climatic gradients of body size. Preprint available in bioRxiv. doi: PDF to author’s copy.

Frishkoff, L. O., Lertzman-Lepofsky, G., Mahler, D. L. 2022. Evolutionary opportunity and the limits of community similarity in replicate radiations of island lizards. Ecology Letters. 25: 2384–2396. PDF of author’s copy.

Overcast, I., Ruffley, M., Rosindell, J., Harmon, L., Borges, P. A. V., Emerson, B. C., Etienne, R. S., Gillespie, R., Krehenwinkel, H., Mahler, D. L., Peter, B., Massol, F., Parent, C. E., Patiño, J., Week, B., Wagner, C., Hickerson, M. J., Rominger, A. 2021. A unified model of species abundance, genetic diversity, and functional diversity reveals the mechanisms structuring ecological communities. Molecular Ecology Resources. 21: 2782–2800. PDF of author’s copy.

Toyama, K.S., and Boccia, C.K. 2021. Sexual size dimorphism and life history traits in an island-mainland system: An overview of the lizard genus Microlophus. Amphibia-Reptilia. In press. PDF to author’s copy.

Boccia, C. K., Swierk, L., Ayala-Varela, F. P., Boccia, J., Borges, I. L., Estupiñán, C. A., Martin, A. M., Martínez-Grimaldo, R. E., Ovalle, S., Senthivasan, S., Toyama, K. S., Castañeda, M. R., García, A., Glor, R. E., Mahler, D. L. 2021. Repeated evolution of underwater rebreathing in diving Anolis lizards. Current Biology. 31: 1–8. ScienceDirect Link can be found here. If link doesn’t work, try this.
See media coverage of this work by National Geographic.

Winchell, K. M., Schliep, K. P., Mahler, D. L., and Revell, L. J. 2020. Phylogenetic signal and evolutionary correlates of urban tolerance in a widespread neotropical lizard clade. Evolution. 74(7):1274-1288. PDF of author’s copy.

Donihue, C. M., Kowaleski, A. M., Losos, J. B., Algar, A. C., Baeckens, S., Buchkowski, R. W., Fabre, A. C., Frank, H. K., Geneva, A. J., Reynolds, R. G., Stroud, J. T., Velasco, J. A., Kolbe, J. J., Mahler, D. L., and Herrel, A. 2020. Hurricane effects on Neotropical lizards span geographic and phylogenetic scales. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117(19):10429–10434. PDF of author’s copy.

Wogan, G. O. U., Yuan, M. L., Mahler, D. L., Wang, I. J. 2020. Genome-wide epigenetic isolation by environment in a widespread Anolis lizard. Molecular Ecology. 29:40–55. PDF of author’s copy.

McGill, B. J., Chase, J. M., Hortal, J., Overcast, I., Rominger, A. J., James Rosindell, J., Borges, P. A. V., Emerson, B. C., Etienne, R., Hickerson, M. J., Mahler, D. L., Massol, F., McGaughran, A., Neves, P., Parent, C., Patiño, J., Ruffley, M., Wagner, C. E., Gillespie, R. 2019. Unifying macroecology and macroevolution to answer fundamental questions about biodiversity. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 28:1925–1936. PDF of author’s copy.

Frishkoff, L. O., Mahler, D. L., Fortin, M. J. 2019. Integrating over uncertainty in spatial scale of response within multispecies occupancy models yields more accurate assessments of community composition. Ecography. 42:2132–2143. PDF of author’s copy.

Frishkoff, L. O., Gabot, E., Sandler, G., Marte, C., and Mahler, D. L. 2019. Elevation shapes the reassembly of Anthropocene lizard communities. Nature Ecology & Evolution. 3:638-646. PDF of author’s copy.

Afkhami, M. E., Mahler, D. L., Burns, J. H., Weber, M. G., Wojciechowski, M. F., Sprent, J., and Strauss, S. Y. 2018. Symbioses with nitrogen-fixing bacteria: nodulation and phylogenetic data across legume genera. Ecology. 99(2):502. PDF of author’s copy.

Gunderson, A. R., Mahler, D. L., and Leal, M. 2018. Thermal niche evolution across replicated Anolis lizard adaptive radiations. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 285:20172241. PDF of author’s copy.

McGlothlin, J. W., Kobiela, M. E., Wright, H. V., Mahler, D. L., Kolbe, J. J., Losos, J. B., and Brodie III, E. D. 2018. Adaptive radiation along a deeply conserved genetic line of least resistance in Anolis lizards. Evolution Letters. 2(4):310–322. PDF of author’s copy.

Sandler, G., Frishkoff, L. O., Mahler, D. L., and Marte, C. 2018. Anolis christophei distribution. Herpetological Review. 49(4). PDF of author’s copy.

Mahler, D. L., Weber, M. G., Wagner, C. E., and Ingram, T. 2017. Pattern and process in the comparative study of convergent evolution. The American Naturalist. In press. PDF of author’s copy.

Ingram, T., A. Harrison, D. L. Mahler, M. R. Castañeda, R. E. Glor, A. Herrel, Y. E. Stuart, and J. B. Losos. 2016. Comparative tests of the role of dewlap size in Anolis lizard speciation. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 283:20162199. PDF of author’s copy.

Medina, I., J. B. Losos, and D. L. Mahler. 2016. Evolution of dorsal pattern variation in Greater Antillean Anolis lizards. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. DOI:10.1111/bij.12881 PDF of author’s copy.

Mahler, D. L., S. M. Lambert, A. J. Geneva, J. Ng, S. B. Hedges, J. B. Losos, and R. E. Glor. 2016. Discovery of a giant chameleon-like lizard (Anolis) on Hispaniola and its significance to understanding replicated adaptive radiations. The American Naturalist. 188:357-364. PDF of author’s copy, Supplementary Materials. See media coverage of this work by CBC News, Toronto Star, and Quanta Magazine.

Sherratt, E., M. del R. Castañeda, M. Garwood, D. L. Mahler, T. J. Sanger, A. Herrel, K. de Queiroz, J. B. Losos. 2015. Amber fossils demonstrate deep-time stability of Caribbean lizard communities. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 112:9961-9966. Link to online article or PDF of author’s copy. See media coverage of this work by the New York Times, Nature, Smithsonian Science News, ABC Science, Phys.Org, and Huffington Post.

Algar, A. C., and D. L. Mahler. Online early. Area, climate heterogeneity, and the response of climate niches to ecological opportunity in island radiations of Anolis lizards. Global Ecology and Biogeography. DOI: 10.1111/geb.12327 PDF

Revell, L. J., D. L. Mahler, R. G. Reynolds, and G. J. Slater. 2015. Placing cryptic, recently extinct, or hypothesized taxa into an ultrametric phylogeny using continuous character data: a case study with the lizard Anolis roosevelti. Evolution. 69:1027-1035. PDF

Helmus, M. R., D. L. Mahler, and J. B. Losos. 2014. Island biogeography in the Anthropocene. Nature. 513:543-546. Link to online article or PDF of author’s copy.
See media coverage of this work by the New York Times, National Geographic, Nature News, Science, Science News, Phys.Org, Scitable, Mongabay, Conservation Magazine, Pacific Standard, Quanta, the Harvard Gazette, and Wired.

Mahler, D. L., and T. Ingram. 2014. Phylogenetic comparative methods for studying clade-wide convergence. Pp. 425-450 in L. Z. Garamszegi, Ed. Modern Phylogenetic Comparative Methods and Their Application in Evolutionary Biology. Springer-Verlag, Berlin. PDF

Thomson, R., D. C. Plachetzki, D. L. Mahler, and B. R. Moore. 2014. A critical appraisal of the use of microRNA data in phylogenetics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 111:E3659-E3668. PDF, Supplementary Materials

Mahler, D. L., T. Ingram, L. J. Revell, and J. B. Losos. 2013. Exceptional convergence on the macroevolutionary landscape in island lizard radiations. Science 341:292-295. Full Text, PDF of author’s copy, Supplementary Materials.
Check out media coverage of this work by National Geographic, Natural History Magazine, LiveScience, two German radio shows (here), the Los Angeles Times, Phys.Org, and NBC. Also, this paper was recommended by Faculty of 1000.

Ingram, T., and D. L. Mahler. 2013. SURFACE: Detecting convergent evolution from comparative data by fitting Ornstein-Uhlenbeck models with stepwise Akaike Information Criterion. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 4:416-425. PDF

Lambert, S. M., A. J. Geneva, D. L. Mahler, and R. E. Glor. 2013. Using genomic data to revisit a classic example of reproductive character displacement in Haitian Anolis lizards. Molecular Ecology 22:3981-3995. PDF, Supplementary Materials. See also Molecular Ecology’s Perspective piece on the article.

Böhm, M. and 226 others, including D. L. Mahler. 2013. The conservation status of the world’s reptiles. Biological Conservation 157:372-385. PDF, Supplementary Materials

Algar, A. C., D. L. Mahler, R. E. Glor, and J. B. Losos. 2012. Niche incumbency, dispersal limitation, and climate shape geographical distributions in a species-rich island adaptive radiation. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 22:391-402. PDF, Supplementary Materials

Revell, L. J., D. L. Mahler, P. R. Peres-Neto, and B. D. Redelings. 2012. A new method for identifying exceptional phenotypic diversification. Evolution 66: 135-146. PDF, Supplementary Materials

Sanger, T. J., D. L. Mahler, A. Abzhanov, and J. B. Losos. 2012. Roles for modularity and constraint in the evolution of cranial diversity among Anolis lizards. Evolution 66: 1525-1542. PDF, Supplementary Materials

Falk, B. G., D. L. Mahler, and S. L. Perkins. 2011. Tree-based delimitation of morphologically ambiguous taxa: a survey of the lizard malaria parasites of Hispaniola. International Journal for Parasitology 41: 967-980. PDF

Mahler, D. L., L. J. Revell, R. E. Glor, and J. B. Losos. 2010. Ecological opportunity and the rate of morphological evolution in the diversification of Greater Antillean anoles. Evolution 64:2731-2745. PDF, Supplementary Materials, Cover Art

Losos, J. B., and D. L. Mahler. 2010. Adaptive radiation: the interaction of ecological opportunity, adaptation, and speciation. Pp. 381-420 in M. A. Bell, D. J. Futuyma, W. F. Eanes, and J. S. Levinton, Eds. Evolution Since Darwin: The First 150 Years. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA. PDF

Revell, L. J., D. L. Mahler, J. R. Sweeney, M. Sobotka, V. E. Fancher, and J. B. Losos. 2010. Nonlinear selection and the evolution of variances and covariances for continuous characters in an anole. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23: 407-421. PDF, Supplementary Materials

Pinto, G., D. L. Mahler, L. J. Harmon, and J. B. Losos. 2008. Testing the island effect in adaptive radiation: Rates and patterns of morphological diversification in Caribbean and mainland Anolis lizards. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 275: 2749-2757. PDF, Supplementary Materials

Gifford, M. E., A. Herrel, and D. L. Mahler. 2008. The evolution of locomotor morphology, performance, and anti-predator behaviour among populations of Leiocephalus lizards from the Dominican Republic. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 93: 445-456. PDF

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Mahler, D. L. and M. Kearney. 2006. The palatal dentition in squamate reptiles: morphology, development, attachment, and replacement. Fieldiana: Zoology, New Series 182: 1-61. PDF

Comments, Perspectives, Natural History Notes, and Informal Publications

Rocha, L. A., and 122 others, including D. L. Mahler. 2014. Specimen collection: An essential tool. Science 344:814-815. PDF

Ingram, T., and D. L. Mahler. 2011. Perspective: Niche diversification follows key innovation in Antarctic fish radiation. Molecular Ecology 20: 4590-4591. PDF

Mahler, D. L., and R. E. Glor. 2011. Natural History Note: Anolis cybotes cybotes (Hispaniolan Stout Anole) and Anolis marron (Jacmel Gracile Anole). Predation/Prey. Herpetological Review 42: 272-273. PDF

Mahler, D. L., A. Herrel, and J. B. Losos. Eds. 2010. Anolis Newsletter VI, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. 213 pp. PDF

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