D. Luke Mahler, Principal Investigator


I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto.

Previously, I worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Rich Glor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kansas.  For the three years preceding that, I was based at UC Davis, first as the CPB Postdoctoral Fellow, and then as a postdoc with Peter Wainwright. Prior to that, I did my Ph.D. with Jonathan Losos at Harvard University. For more about me, please download my CV, and check out my Research page.

Luke Frishkoff, EEB Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Luke Owen Frishkoff holds one of our department’s prestigious EEB Postdoctoral Fellowship, and he works jointly with the Mahler Lab and the lab of Marie-Josée Fortin. Luke’s research focuses on how species’ evolutionary histories shape their responses to human-induced habitat change, and he is applying this perspective to study how communities of Caribbean Anolis lizards change as they respond to habitat modification and a warmer climate. You can find more about Luke’s work at his website.

James Boyko, MSc Student


Master’s student James Boyko joined the lab in Fall 2015, and is pursuing his interests in macroevolution by studying morphological evolution in Lesser Antillean Anolis lizards.

Chris Boccia, MSc Student

Chris Boccia Mt Lemon

Chris Boccia got his start in the lab in Fall 2015 as a work study student, and transitioned to his current role as an NSERC-funded Master’s student in Fall 2016. Chris is presently exploring thesis project options, and has keen interests in natural history and conservation.

Michael Foisy, MSc Student


Michael is an NSERC-funded Master’s student working jointly in the Mahler and Rodd Labs. He is interested in co-evolution, trait evolution, and comparative methods. Michael is currently using phylogenetic models and experiments to explore how female mating biases may precede, and subsequently facilitate, the evolution of male ornaments in poeciliid fishes. Michael also has a fondness for bees; his favourite species is Amegilla murrayensis.


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