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Jill wins Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Finally, Jill takes home a major external award! Congrats on landing the OGS!

Jill is elected EGSA co-president

Congratulations to our very own Jill Sanderson on being elected EGSA co-president (along side Bianna Sacchi of the Wright lab) and IT rep! Good luck in your new roles Jill!

Media coverage of Boccia et al. 2021

Check out cool coverage of Chris Boccia’s rebreathing anole work in Popular Science! Also, be sure to read Chris’ account of the story behind the project over at AnoleAnnals.

Ken gives invited lecture at university in Peru

In a full circle moment, Ken was invited to speak at his undergrad university, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. He gave a great guest lecture about ecomorphology in Anolis lizards to an undergrad zoology class!

Miriam and Ken present at OE3C

Our lab was well represented at this year’s Ontario Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution Colloquium! Miriam presented a poster about her masters research and Ken gave a talk on femur architecture and bone mineral density. If you missed it, you can check out Ken’s talk on YouTube here. Great job guys!!

Rowan wins SSB award

Congratulations to our very own Rowan French for receiving the Graduate Student Research Award (GSRA) from the Society of Systematic Biologists!!

Boccia et al. 2021 Anolis rebreathing paper out now

Check out lab member Chris Boccia’s awesome new paper about aquatic anoles that use bubbles to breathe underwater! You can find the paper by visiting our Publications page and don’t forget to check out the media coverage by National Geographic. Congrats Chris!

Water anole, Anolis aquaticus, underwater with partially-formed bubble on its snout.
Photograph by collaborator Lindsey Swierk

Jill passes appraisal exam

With a 62 page document, excellent seminar, and comical answers to the question bank, Jill passed her appraisal exam unconditionally! Congratulations PhD Candidate Jill!

Gavia wins prestigious Vanier Scholarship

Congratulations to Gavia Lertzman-Lepofsky for winning the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS)! This significant financial award is designed to attract and retain world-class doctoral students, so huge congrats to our very own Gavia!!

Zifang and Sarah win undergrad poster prizes

Congratulations to undergraduates Zifang Xiong and Sarah Ravoth for winning best posters in the 2021 EEB Undergraduate Research Fair for Biodiversity & Morphology and Genetics, Evolution & Environment, respectively. While Sarah is technically only an honorary lab member.. we still claim her win as one of our own! Amazing job guys.

Jill gives talk at ASN Virtual Asilomar Conference

Jill gave a great research talk at the (sadly) virtual ASN conference this past weekend! If you missed the talk, you can catch it here around 3:40:00. Awesome job Jill!

Ken passes appraisal exam

Unsurprisingly Ken absolutely crushed his appraisal exam and is officially a PhD Candidate, congratulations Ken!!

Rowan wins NSERC CGSD Scholarship

Wow, she’s on a roll! Rowan was just awarded the CGSD award from NSERC. Congratulations!

Rowan wins STRI short-term fellowship

Rowan was just awarded a fellowship to conduct research as the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute! Congrats Rowan, have fun in Panama this summer!!

Jill wins Sigma Xi award

Congratulations Jill on winning a competitive Grant in Aid of Research award from Sigma Xi!

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