Welcome to webpage of the Mahler Lab in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto.


We aim to understand how ecological and evolutionary factors combine to generate biodiversity over large spatial and temporal scales. To do this, we conduct research on a natural macroevolutionary experiment: repeated adaptive radiations of neotropical Anolis lizards (i.e., “anoles”). These lizards provide a unique system for studying the role of ecology in macroevolution because they have diversified repeatedly in both similar and different ecological settings throughout the New World tropics. Research interests and activities in the Mahler Lab are expected to be diverse, but most projects will employ phylogenetic approaches to gain insights into questions about phenotypic evolution, biogeography, and community ecology.

The Mahler Lab is always on the lookout for exceptionally talented, independent, and motivated students with appropriate interests (either at the graduate or undergraduate level, although the latter must be enrolled at the University of Toronto). For prospective graduate students, individuals with strong interests in phylogenetics and macroevolution and/or those with prior experience conducting independent tropical fieldwork are especially encouraged to get in touch. Prospective students should send an email to Luke Mahler (luke.mahler@utoronto.ca) explaining why they are interested in the lab, along with a resume or CV, and a recent university transcript.