Check out commentary in PNAS’s Journal Club blog

PNAS’s Journal Club blog asked me to weigh in on a cool new study by Aaron Davis and Ricardo Betancur-R about fish convergence over really long timescales. The blog went up today – check it out here. Congrats to Aaron and Ricardo on a nice study!


microCT scanner is now online!

Pleased to announce that the Mahler Lab microCT scanner is fully operational and collecting data! Stay tuned for amazing imagery of all things Anolis! If you’re a UofT undergrad and you’re interested in working with the lab, drop a line – we’ll be looking for lots of volunteers to help with scanning projects.


Master James!

The Mahler Lab has fledged a graduate student! Congratulations to newly minted Master of Science James Boyko! James passed his MSc defence on character displacement, SSD, and Rensch’s rule in Lesser Antillean anoles with flying colors. Excellent work James!